Templer's previous Shard Champion, a title given to the strongest Shard Caster in the country. Even though he held the prestigious title, he worked as a farmer. He had turned the basement of his house into a hospital for those of the country of Zymot who have been cast into exile, but when they started attacking the castle, he helped to defend it against them.

Character BackstoryEdit


Dumas bears a cross-like mark on his left palm, an inherited symbol of servitude that has run in his family for generations. He is obsessed with changing this 'destiny', and sought to do so by becoming the Shard Champion. To his chagrin, all that came with the title of Shard Champion was "useless honor" and being the first person to call when trouble came about, with no change in his station or position. Obsession turned to madness, and he became the Zymot ursurpers' spy, the Joker, in exchange for marriage to Princess Rebecca.

Hugh had no intention of honoring his bargain with Dumas, and intended to have him and a captured Robès kill each other off. The duel was more or less even (though Suraguna defeated Belladonna) until Zed showed up. Armed with a new sword and his more controllable spirit, Rambos , Zed easily defeated Dumas. Afterward, Gláucio executed the exhausted Dumas by shocking and strangling him with his flail and throwing him into the fire pits surrounding the Zymot Jousting ring.


Dumas draws his Shards from an aqua-colored crystal on his right shoulder. His weapon is a brownish-orange sword and is about twice the width of Zed's sword. His shard element is earth. It requires six Shards to activate. His Spirit, Suraguna, resembles a knight and fights with a weapon that is a cross between a lance and a double-bladed sword. After he was killed Suraguna came into Mikki's possesion.


Mikki - He was his master and the one who took Mikki in when Mikki was orphaned by the war since he was a friend of Mikki's father. Mikki looked up to him, and when the people at Templer were betrayed by Dumas, Mikki did not believe it. Dumas appeared not to have much thoughts about Mikki after betraying him, but he perhaps did treat Mikki close at some point.

Robès - At first, they were only rivals for the position of the Shard Champion. Dumas was indifferent to Robès, and both weren't even interested in being the Shard Champion. After the betrayal and going mad, Dumas wanted to kill Robès for his "rebirth".