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==[[Project:About|Template:KiBa Wiki]]==
Welcome to the KiBa Wiki, and currently being kicked into gear by all of the current admins and bureaucrats.
We surely could use any help you'd like to offer, and we'd appreciate every sentence!
And please people, we ask all of you to refrain from acts of vandalism,
it doesn't benefit either of us in any way so please be generous and kind towards our hard work,
it would be very much appreciated.Only official artwork from the series, manga or anime should be used.

==About KiBa Wiki==
This site contains heavy spoilers, so if you don't want to know what happens, we'd suggest you back out now.

==Join the Community!==
Hey, you! YEAH, YOU. You're needed in the here.

The Community page is where you vote for next week's Featured Article, which, in all subsequent voting, will be from a list of user-nominated articles, unless otherwise decided.

Anyone in the community's welcome to join. if you have any questions refer to the admins here.

==Featured Article==


Important Pages to the KiBa Wiki
*Characters List By City
*Key Spirits
*Story Arcs
**List of KiBa Episodes