Appearance Edit

Miki has medium length, black hair with light yellow/green eyes. He is a shard caster, but he isn't very good at it. You can tell he is a shard caster by the green clover on his right cheek. He always wears a green and yellow stripped hat/beanie as well as a blue dungarees over a white shirt.

Personality Edit

Miki has a gentle and sensitive personality. During a match, Miki would probably give in under pressure as he lacks the self confidence that other shard caster's have. He cares a lot for his friends and almost always has a smile on his face. Miki is usually quiet and shy around people he doesn't know but he really opens up when he is around Roya and Zed. Though Miki can be a bit wimpy and jumpy. One of the downfalls for him is that he doesn't poses inner strength, therefore it was easy for slugna to control him.

history Edit

Miki isn't cut out for shard casting because he is too weak and gentle, not only that but he doesn't exactly have the strongest of spirits. He has difficulty controlling his own spirit, Armedole during battle and even during practice.

Dumas was his trainer and guardian after Miki's parents die in the war. After Dumas betrayed Templer, Miki went into a state of depression and feels the need to become stronger in order to please his master. Once master robés gives Miki Slugna, Dumas's old spirit, He is possessed and starts attacking people and stealing their spirits. He is able to achieve inner strength and can no longer be affected by slugna.
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