Neotopia is the world which serves as the main plot setting of Kiba. This is a war-torn world where magic exists in the form of marble-like Shard. It is ruled by a country of the same name that imposes the Absolute Law. Despite its reign, there are those who oppose Neotopia's rule, mainly, the Zymot-Tusk alliance.

Places Edit

Kalb-fu Edit

Karubu Fū (カルブ・フー)

Kalb-fu is home to a unique race of egg-born people. These people have gills under their jaws and a distinguishable white marking on their torso. It was a large desert territory above land until the Zymot forces had claimed it. The peaceful natured Kalb-fu tribesmen had an agreement with the Zymot government to surrender their land with the condition that Zymot shall never invade their underground dwellings. Since then, the Kalb-fu have been living underground and robbed of sunlight. This, however, was abandoned after the second invasion of the Zymot forces led by Hugh.

Neotopia Edit

Neotopia (ネオトピア)

The ruling country that enforces their conviction of the Absolute Law.

Ratt Edit

Ratto (ラット)

A small Neotopian town on a cliff by the sea. Long ago the warriors of Ratt provided great aid to Neotopia, and as a reward for their favors, Ratt has been prospering.

Rion Edit

Rion (リオン)

Not much is known about Rion aside for being mentioned as the destination of the Seekers as they were attempting to deliver the Ark that contained Sachura's Spirit Shard.

Templar Edit

Tempurā (テンプラー)

The parallel of Calm in the world of Neotopia. Templar is a country the believes in Philanthrophy and Harmony.

Tusk Edit

Tasuku (タスク)

The country of two Tuskan races, Beastmen and horned humans. Tusk is a rocky mountainous place that seems to permanently have a reddish sky.

Ulvarx Edit

Urubākusu (ウルバークス)

A country that believes in the power of science. The people of Ulvarx were once from Neotopia, but they were collectively exiled due to the fault of a single person. Stuck on a land with harsh stormy conditions, the exiled people had resentment toward Neotopia's king. Certain people driven by the desire to avenge their judgement had amassed great technology and constructed a giant laboratory on the sea which serves as Ulvarx's headquarters.

Zymot Edit

Jīmoto (ジーモット)

An empire which values Strength and Glory above anything else.