Neotopia is the ruling country of the world with the same name. They govern the world by enforcing what they call the Absolute Law.

Absolute Law Edit

It is the Law that keeps their nation in order. Neotopians have a strong conviction on the enforcement of this law. Details regarding the law haven't been revealed, but the series sheds light on illegal activities that is punishable by the said law.

  • If a person of unknown origins is not reported and surrendered to the mainland
  • If construction for any facility is erected without a permit
  • If a person provides medical care without prior notice and permit
  • If a person tries to escape his detainment
  • If a person defies the direct order of the king

Punishment Edit

Dealing with law breakers is one sided and strict. Enforcers are taught to believe that "No one is an exemption from the Law". Anyone who violates a rule is detained and will soon be sent to death. Severe crimes or refusal of detainment are punished by immediate killing on sight.

Collective punishment is another method that Neotopia enforces upon people that are deemed accomplices or having relation to the law breaker. This was shown through the treatment that the people of Ratt and Ulvarx received.

Army Edit