Noa is a young boy from Calm . He was Zed 's friend. In the first episode, it was shown that he was the class president of the school they both attend. While others dislike Zed, he prefers to spend time with him as Zed had saved him from bullies when they were young. He suffers from an illness which requires him to wear braces around his neck and spine. He is given a life expectancy of thirty, and anything that causes drastic movements will shorten it.

Plot OverviewEdit

He came to the world of Shard Casters first by way of what we believe is a domain of Neotopia. The Arc of the Key Spirit reacts with him and sends him to a small village in Neotopia. There he meets several people, Carter and his wife being the first. When their son, Gale, pays a visit, Noa decided to stay away since he appeared to be just like 'him'. However, there seems to be discord between the new friends Noah had, Keith and Aisha. When Gale finds out about Noa, he prepared for an execution for Carter, his own father. Noa was disturbed at Gale's indifference at killing his own father, and his father smiling at him.

After the execution, Noa was saved by Keith, and they went to a hiding place. Thinking all this happened because of him, Noah decided to turn himself in as Gale ordered the village to be cleared and everyone moving to a designated place by the Neotopian government. Despite this, unfortunate events happened and Noa helplessly watched as the two friends seemed to killed each other. He suddenly picked up Keith's sword, and rained flames on the town before snapping out of it. Feeling more dejected that all this happening was because of him, the injured Aisha mustered her strength to send Noa elsewhere, saying that he should not be here.

He ends up at a wandering tribe in Jimotto. The elders nursed him back to health, including a young girl named Sagiri. He lived with them for a few days and developed a bond with sagiri. later as the tribal leaders couldnt support him any longer  as it was against their laws they asked noah to take his leave. Noa respectfully agreed and decided to take his leave after sagiri's birthday. while taking his leave he started hearing voices in his head. he later found that they where coming from a trunk kept in one of the tents and that he was drawn towards it. He opened the trunk and agreat explosion took place causing all the tribal members to die except Sagiri who barely survived herself. Noa was shocked and grieve stricken believing that he was the cause of their deaths.