Robes, as seen in the anime.

Robès is a well-known figure in Templer, often hosting parties much to his butler's dismay. He is extremely rich, having inherited the mansion and riches from his father, Altajid Redondo. Robes's weapon is a rapier that uses 2 lightning shards on the hilt of the weapon and his spirit is Belladonna that resembles a mushroom-like ballerina, slashes down at it's foes with it's arms and it had shown that it is capable of flight. Robes' shard element is lightning but in episode 13 it is revealed that he can use water as well as lightning shards.


Robès is a man who likes to flirt and play with women, having a fanbase of his own. He also likes to socialise, hence hosting a lot of parties. He, however, likes a challenge as he joined the Joust just to fight Dumas. Not only that, he was the phantom thief 'No-Face', and he states he did it for 'fun'. He tends to be calm but likes to flatter himself.

Plot OverviewEdit

He first appears to invite Zed to his party, interested about him and wishes to know more. At the party, he challenges Dumas, by saying he will join the Joust and fights with Dumas for the title of Shard Champion.