Tusk: A land that is home to two distinct races: the Tusker Humans , who mostly resemble other humans but are often masked, and the Beastmen , whose four-armed beastly appearance and ability to use Shard attacks innately (Beastmen cannot use spirit Shards) set them apart from everyone else. Moreover, both Tusker Humans and Beastmen can be recognized by the "tusks" protruding from their shoulders. The Tusker Humans are led by a council of masked noblemen, who are in turn led by the King Gari, also the king over all the Beastmen. In actuality, Gari is merely a puppet king installed by a council of four masked members to trick other Beastmen into believing that there is a god, Tusker, who would be awakened if enough spirit Shards are gathered, and a sacrifice of a Shard Caster is offered (which has been frequently done, but to no avail). As a result, Tusk is a dangerous place for Shard Casters, even Tusker Humans.