In the anime, Tusker is the result of the 6 Key Spirits brought together. Tusker is said to be the power that created and can destroy the world. It has the ability to control all Spirits (Ex-Machina was the only Spirit that couldn't be controlled by Tusker probably because it was a compound spirit similar to Tusker). Tusker needs to merge with the true savior, who appeared to be Zed (Zed, Mirred, Noah, and Sagiri are considered saviors because they were chosen by key Spirits), and its goal turned out to be the creation of a world that only included Spirits. Zed was able to stop Tusker by - due to the influence of Zico, who appeared in his conscience - separating himself and Amir Gaul from Tusker. Once Zed separated Amir Gaul, Tusker was thrown off balance and defeated. Tusker's abilities consist of close combat fighting, the manipulation of other Spirits, the original 6 key Spirit's abilities, and the unleashing of meteor showers that destroy the land.